Ah glorious sleep...

Hi Everyone,

Just got up, not working till noon today. As much as it kind of sucks to be at work until 8 or 8:30 most nights, at least I get to sleep in and not set the alarm... I love just waking up and knowing there's no way I could be late. I do set an alarm for 11:30, just for emergencies, but I'm already on my way then!

I am getting so close to 50lbs I can taste it - my scale is giving me 220.6 today. A little over half a pound, which is really nothing, and I have faith it'll come off in the next few days... By Tuesday, which is kind of my official weigh-in day would be ideal, but I'll let it go as long as it's SOON!

So I've blogged a bit about how I definitely feel like I'm getting more attention from boys these days, and I think with that comes some sort of like... Temptation. I am one-hundred percent for girls owning their sexuality and whatever, and I'm totally happy that I've had a few little hook-ups lately, and I've kept it under control and all that. But it's crazy how bad I just want to like... Be bad. I feel like it's not even that I'm looking so good so much as I'm feeling so much better. But I need to sort of like... Calm down a little maybe. I'm going boy crazy all over again at 23. I did some googling, and promiscuity and all that are really common after weight-loss. I wasn't confident enough in high school or college to do the crazy thing, and I think it's catching up with me now. All in all, I really would love to find a boy I actually wanted to spend time with and not just make out with, haha, but for now, I figure I've got to kiss a lot of frogs.



Amy said...

I love that you say "again at 23" like that is so old...and I know that someone reading my blog when I talk about being old at 29 must be thinking the same thing.

At 23 I was having sex I shouldnt have. Not unprotected, but sex for the wrong reasons. Lord I could go on about the psychology behind that forever, but basically, I started having sex at an early age bc (like a lot of YOUNG girls these days), I thought that would make a boy like me more, or I thought that was cool, or I was good at it and the boys wanted me...then when I got older, I would have sex with a guy just to be done with him. Like...we had sex now...could you leave? The thought of sex was attractive to me, but the actuality of it was that I was just focused on giving pleasure and not getting. It wasnt until Tracey that it all changed. For me, good sex is tied to love (not for any religious or ethical reasons). But finally I get the good stuff :)


With that said. As long as you are being careful, being safe, getting the good stuff out of it :), and still feel good in the morning...then a little naughtiness is okay!

I will say that the sex has gotten even better now that I am thinner (or less fat). You want to show off your body, impress, flaunt, stand on your head, hang off a chair...lol...

Thanks for posting this. I love that you arent afraid....

I do also believe there is something to be said for making a guy wait for it....I just havent ever been very good at that :)

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
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