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Hey everybody,

Today's been a good day so far. I've been waking up pretty early every day for workout classes, but today I decided to do a class called Dance Party at 10:30, which let me have a bit of a sleep in. It was AWESOME. Unlike the hip hop class I took on the weekend, it was 100% non-stop cardio. I just stuck to the back and picked up the routines as they'd go, but a song would start, and most of the people knew the dance and he'd kinda teach it in the front, until the next song was on and it was on to the next routine. I was dripping sweat from only about 10 mins in, and my ankle didn't bother me too much.

Then I came home, took a shower and did my hair (which always makes me feel so much prettier) and decided to do some shopping. My income tax return cheque came a few days ago, and because I don't make a whole lot, I got quite a bit back. Most of it is going towards my plane ticket to visit my friends out west over the summer, but I decided to treat myself a bit. OK, OK, my name is Angie, and I'm a Shopaholic. I went to a new mall/shopping centre called the Don Mills Centre, and it is SO nice. Claude I think you're the only Torontonian reading this blog - it's AMAZING. It's all outside, like Florida. And they have an Anthropoligie, the first in Canada.

I bought a dress at Banana Republic. Banana is awesome because it's pretty dependable, I can almost always find a nice stretchy jersey dress or top when I need one. But today's dress is not stretch jersey. It is 100% silk, with 100% NO STRETCH. And it fits! Wahoo! It's kinda hard to get it on, I'll admit, cause of the boobies, but once everything is in place I think it looks pretty good! Here it is.
Pretty cute eh? Then I decided to go to Anthropologie. As I said, this is the first one in Canada but I'd always admried their clothes online, and absolutely lusted for their homeware stuff. The store didn't dissapoint, tons and tons of beautiful dresses that were so me... Alas, I think BR gave me a false sense of confidence, because NOTHING FIT. A few things came close but didn't quite look right, and then this dress came along.... STUPID BOOBS!
It looks pretty awful in the picture, but it actually looked really cute from the empire seam down... However it was so freaking tight in the boobs it was distorted. I should have taken a pic of the dress on the hanger so you could see how it's actually supposed to look. Anyways, it's good nothing fit cause it was all pretty expensive.

I also bought a pair of gladiator sandals at nine west that were on sale 50%... bargain!

So there's my day in shopping. My day in eating has been good too - I had a glass of chocolate milk before my class, then came home and had a chicken breast with a toasted tortilla and some salad, and then had a half of a small Ice-Cap for a snack. Tonight we're gonna make baked chicken Parmesan and caesar salad... Yumm!!



Amy said...

I love shopping! Its a good thing we dont live near each other bc we would be dangerous. I like the idea of gladiator sandles...but I am pretty sure that I could not pull them off due to my short and stubby legs. I love the dress you got from BR. You and your ta-tas. DO you think they will shrink as you lose weight? Love the pictures! Angie make Amy happy.

Linda O said...

Wow, how cool that you are shopping at Bannana Republic and Anthropology!

Sarah said...

That bananna rebuplic dress is sooooo cute!

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This is me now... at 160!
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