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Hey guys!

Well I went to Aquafit this morning, and it was fun. Full of old ladies, of course, but I did it in the deep water and it definitely felt like a solid workout. It was a little painful to get up for it this morning, so I'm hoping the friend I have plans with tomorrow night is ok to hang a bit later, so I can do the beginner Hip Hop class instead of waking up early for the Aquafit.

Amy's entry about how we are now working so hard - making these super solid changes and choices in our lives, and it just feels like we should be skinny already- really really resonated with me. It sucks... What still gets to me, although I'm feeling much better than I did on Saturday is... I feel like I've been at this a few months now, I eat healthy, now I'm working out almost every day - but to a stranger, I'm still a fat girl. That sucks, and there's nothing I can do about it but keep going.

So I know I shouldn't weigh myself a million times a week like I do, but I've started only recording my weight Tuesday mornings... But when I was on the scale today, it was at 236.6... .4lbs ahead of my 3 a week goal. But then I checked after lunch and it was back up. Whatever it's at tomorrow when I get up is the weight I'll be working from, but I don't get how come it changes so much so quickly!! Regardless, I feel like I'm finally getting away from the 240 plateau that I held on to for so long. Amy was also so right that we get so happy to reach a certain goal - getting to 240 for me was so huge, and the moment I met it, I was on to the next step. So for now, I'm gonna think of how well I am doing, being oh so comfortably back on track.



Tiffani said...

This was an awesome post :) you rock lady!!

Amy said...

Guess what I got in the mail today? I will give you 3 guesses.

1. My new Glamour mag.
2. Some subscription plea for a heatlhy eating newsletter that I am sure I got on a mailing list for bc I registered on a lapband website the other day.
3. My sisterhood of the traveling bandpants!

ALL OF THEM! But #3 got me really excited. Thank you for the lovely note! It was so fun. I need to go buy some size 16 pants or something and pretend they are old so I can mail them to you!

heartchu sassy pants!

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
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