My Doctor is So Proud!

Today I had an appointment with my family doctor to just go over how everything went with the surgery, and to chat a bit about what support I'd like from him and also to order some new tests.

First he said he had heard from my surgeon and apparently I've got a whopper of a liver, so that, plus the fact that I was starving myself, pretty much puts the liver worries to rest. It's not great, but I'm already losing weight and on the right track, and he is not too worried about me. He said I should do my best not to drink, but ultimately it'd be more about the calories than my liver anyways.

Now we're just focusing on my kidneys and why there's protein showing up in my urine. It's not anything drastically concerning, but he is having me do a 24 hour urine test. I was given this huge orange jug that I have to pee into for 24 hours... I'm gonna take a picture of it (before I start, don't worry) so you can all have a good laugh at my giant pee container. Holy shit I just realized it's probably too big to put in the toilet. They didn't explain the mechanics of this all! Good thing my mom used to be a nurse, hopefully she'll have some advice for me.

I decided that for now I'm seeing him once a month anyways for all my tests and all that, so I'd love to continue to do that and to get weighed there on their super scale. He asked if I wanted to weigh in, and for the first time in my life I was stoked to! I weighed at 111kg which is about 244lbs, clothed. Good enough for me! That's just over 9kgs down since the day before pre-op- about 20 pounds. After that he was just so happy for me. We talked about how that isn't gonna be sustainable and I need to not get upset as it slows down, but I'm ready for that. I just see this as a wicked awesome head-start.

Now I'm off to get a coffee somewhere and enjoy the beautiful (well, relatively beautiful) weather we're having here in Toronto, and to maybe try to find a new green shirt to wear out tomorrow for St. Patrick's Day.



This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
with my bestest friend!

Mini-Goals and Statistics

A Quick Reference - 111lbs down
Height: 5'8
Highest Weight; January 2009: 270
Surgery Weigh; March 4th: 255
Tummy Tuck December 15, 2010!
Current Weight: 150s
Current BMI: healthy!

Mini Goal 1: 240 - re-reached April 29th - 15lbs/9 weeks.
Mini Goal 2: 230 - reached June 12th. - 10lbs/6 weeks.
Mini Goal 3: 220 - reached July 18th. - 10lbs/5 weeks.
Mini Goal 4: 210 - reached September 2nd. 10lbs/7 weeks.
Mini Goal 5: 199 - reached October 19, 10lbs/11 weeks
Mini Goal 6: 189 - reached December 18, 10lbs/9 weeks
Mini Goal 7: 179 - reached February 23, 10lbs/9.5weeks
Mini Goal 8: 169 - reached March 26, 10lbs/4.5weeks
100 lbs down!!

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