Burn baby burn!

Total Glamour shot, right?!
I love the gym. I love feeling like my workouts are finally back to being real, satisfying workouts. Because I was home for the long weekend, I didn't get to see my trainer Julie on Tuesday. Instead, I met her at 3 yesterday to do a half-hour of spin, and then a half hour of lifting.  This morning I was back for more, an hour of Phusia, then another half-hour of private spin and training. I am wiped... But I've burned more than a thousand calories today! Woo!

I am back to logging, at least for the time being, to get myself back to my "fighting" aka pre-surgery weight. Like Karin and Amy have recently written about, the accountability is really helpful there, as is the clarity. When I'm gonna see a grand total of my protein grams or saturated fat grams or vitamins, I tend to watch out for them more.  I've been logging on About's Calorie Count website.

Well hope everyone has a good day, we're getting a TON of snow here. For once, I'm excited, as I have a snowboard lesson tomorrow! Wehoo!



nikki said...

You wear that smile perfectly :) Way to go girl!!!

Amy W. said...

Thank goodness it wasnt a vlog bc I cant ever find out whats going on! How did you pull your new short hair back?!

Oh, the over 1000 calorie burn is awesome. I didnt work out today and feel like I should...its crazy how eventually that mindset takes hold of us...the workout mindset. I was thinking of you this morning while I was naked going pee. Isnt that sweet? I was thinking how I dont know if I could have plastic surgery bc I wouldnt be able to work out for weeks.

LDswims said...

Glad you are getting back to your workouts with such vigor. It was such an inspiration to me that you missed them so much while recuperating. You are such an inspiration across the board!

Ms. M said...

I love 1000 calorie burn days! :)

Jacquie said...

Good for you Angie! Nothing like Spinning I say!

Nicole said...

I love you!! Lets work out sooon?????

Unknown said...

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This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
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