How to Maintain

If you clicked onto this post thinking I might have advice on how to maintain your weight, you will be dissapointed.

I know how to gain weight. I once weighed 270lbs after all.
I know how to lose weight. I lost 112lbs.

But maintain? I couldn't tell you. I weighed in around 164 this morning, up about 6 from my lowest. This isn't a huge number, and I'm not freaked out or super upset by it.

Why? Because I know why it's there. I'm eating too much. I am really struggling with figuring out how much/how to eat to maintain. I am eating ice cream. A lot of ice-cream. I don't know how to eat normally, I've never tried to maintain my weight before. Ever. In my life. I'm working my ass off in the gym, which means I'm eating enough too much that even the gym can't hold it back. Which is a bit much, to me.

So I'm going to try to figure out what this means to me. I know what I would need to do to really lose, which is get a fill and cut back on the crap. I don't need to lose that much more though, and I like the restriction level I'm at. The stuff that is making me gain is regular soda and ice-cream. I know better, but it is happening. So I'm posting this here, for a bit of accountability and maybe some help-seeking.

I know how I'm going to get these 6 or whatever pounds off... It's when I'm back to 158 and trying to maintain that, what the heck do I do!?

Love you ladies!



-Grace- said...

It sounds like you know exactly what foods you need to cut back on. I say go back to basics: solid protein, low cal beverages, little to no slider foods.

You are awesome no matter what the scale says, Angie!! These 6 lbs will be gone in no time :)

Marie said...

A slight fill will probably do the trick. That's the beauty of the band!!!!!! But just a little one!

momma2fi said...

I don't know how to maintain at a lower weight either! I know how to maintain it at a higher weight - lots of ice cream!! You know the story Angie - you know what you need to do. Have you looked up the calculators that tell you the approximate calorie count that you need to maintain your weight? I don't know if you count or not - but it might give you and idea of what you CAN eat before going over. ALSO - I am starting to read the book Woman God Food, and though I'm still in the first chapter, she has some interesting insight as to why we might overeat, or eat when we aren't hungry, etc . She is putting a spiritual spin on this idea - and though I'm skeptical, I thought it might be worth a read. Who knows.
Simply because you are aware of your gain will help you from returning to where you were. I think a fear of going back will too! Keep posting, and you will continue to get our support, advice, and encouragement!

Blossom said...

I'm kind of worried about maintaining too; for the last 15 years, I've only been trying to lose! I was wondering if your doctor gives you advice on how to maintain and I'm guessing they don't....

THE DASH! said...

I know just what you mean. Maintaining is a tricky business, I can vouch for that. I think maybe you should try and eat like you first did when banded. I don't mean mushies - go back to basics if you can. It's helping me so far. xxx

Angie said...

I am going to e-mail my clinic and ask for some advice. I didn't plan on trying to maintain at this weight, but I realized 160 felt and looked good and I needed to just let the final 10lbs come off suuuuuper slow if they wanted to, or not at all.

I looked up my BMR and it's only 1555 - which is low. Obviously I'm active and that brings it up higher, but that's a lower number than I expected to see, so it makes sense that the levels I was out were causing me to gain. I honestly expected to have more wiggle room, but I suppose I'm small and fuel efficient now!

Catherine55 said...

Try what I do . . I weigh myself every single morning. If the scale is up a bit, I watch what I eat more closely that day, and if it's fine, I do what I normally do. That keeps me within a 2 pound range.

My advice is to cut out the regular soda. Blah. :P It's the devil, calorie-wise. Can you stand drinking diet soda, diet Snapple, iced tea or water instead?

Good for you for getting advice from your clinic -- that should help. Planning out what you're going to eat a bit more will help too. You don't need to "diet," just ration the cr@p a bit more strictly and you'll be fine -- especially given how diligent you are about working out. :)

Kristen said...

hey pretty girl- I can imagine that it must be weird to think of yourself in the maintaining stage- after constantly being in the lossing stage for the majority of your life it has to be a huge change. I think its going to take a little bit of time to come to terms with this, and that with this time comes a few ups and downs on the scale. I think emailing the clinic and asking for some advice is a great idea- maybe they have some tricks of the trade they can share with you, and then you can share with us :o)

Other then that all I can say is ice cream is the devil, and for so many reasons! It satisfys the ssweet cravings, it goes down when nothing else does, and its just plain YUMMY.

Love you, xxoo

Colls said...

First, I love your new profile picture, you really do look amazing, pretty girl!

I obviously don't have any real advise for maintaining as I have never lost enough weight in my life to be able to maintain. I do however; understand your situation. I have often wondered how someone would accomplish this. I hope that you figure it out and then pass the secret on ;)

About the eating - you said it - you KNOW what you are doing to cause the gain. It is great that you are being so honest and posting about it, that is the first step. Now, just get back on and don't look back. You are amazing! <3

Linda said...

Well maintaining is a mystery to me (right now losing is a mystery), but we'll hopefully all get there, so thanks for posting honestly. Definitely cut back on soda and see what the Dr. suggests. We know you can get back on track.

Cindylew said...

Here's my advice...get the 6 lbs said you knew how to do that. Then once you're down to 158, get that small fill. I understand your not wanting to be more restricted but isn't it that restriction that is allowing you to eat enough to gain 6 lbs. You're gorgeous as you are right now...but you did ask for advice.

Amy W. said...

pooks. I really did click on the link thinking you were going to be a wise sage of wisdom and advice. I think that we will all have to figure this out when we get to the maintaining phase. It's an entirely different animal yes? But to me, it sounds like you know what you need to do. You know you cant eat shitloads of icecream and not gain (unless you are a freak of nature). I am getting ready to figure out mainentance, but I think that it comes with a hopefully healthier relationship with food, making the right choices a majority of the time, working out...

not much different I guess than how we lost all the weight in the first place.

All interesting stuff and now you have me really thinking!

kisses! (I cant wait to smooch you in real life soon...on the cheek of course)

Nella said...

I agree...go back to the basics! Also a slight fill will help - just a tweak baby!

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This is me now... at 160!
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