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One of the scales in my house said 161 this morning. The one we have dubbed "the bitch" refuses to say anything but 167 these days. The one in my bathroom, which is the same (cheap) brand as the one that says 161 says 163.5. I say I'm completely and utterly confused. And it's a good thing.

Why is it a good thing? Because the fact is, my weight probably lies somewhere in the middle, and that's a pretty good place for it. And because weight isn't going to be one specific number everyday - we all know the various factors that can cause fluctuations that make some of us (ahem, ange) crazy. Having this range makes it a little more fluid, more samples taken, I can take an average.

It frustrates me a bit, to not know what I weigh, but it's also causing me to examine things like how I feel, how my eating seems to be, how my clothes are fitting, how strong I feel.

I couldn't give up the scale yet, a number of people have mentioned how much they think I need to... It would have been too scary to feel that out of control. But this is kinda like that - because it's taken the power back from the scales, shown the weights as they are... Numbers on little boxes.



Nicole said...

way to go!! your kicking my ass! I need a fill and I addicted to my scale as well! scale whores :)

Catherine55 said...

WOW! You are doing amazingly, wherever in that range you are! My advice is to buy a digital scale from Homedics. The one I have cost about $100. It's reliable and gives you the number to the 10th of a pound. Even when I hate it, I still love it. :)

Colls said...

That's a great post, you really seem to be "at peace" right now! That is a great accomplishment, really. That little effing number can really mess with our heads. But, in the end I believe that when you have been as successful as you have, it's more about how you feel - physically and mutationally. Way to Go! <3

Southern Belle said...

Whichever scale you believe they are all good!! Mine is stuck, I truly believe it's a scale issue and not me. OK it's me, but damn it's gotta move sometime soon.

Cindylew said...

Those are all some might fine numbers.
Way to go girlfriend.

Janice said...

Using your scale picture, you are just a tiny bird in weight. Who needs numbers? If you have an off day you can be an elephant, on track day a monkey...a good day a bird. Do we really need any more than that? :) You are on the right track!
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Girl Bandit said...

Great numbers but I think it would be a great place for us all...me included...to rely more on our clothes etc...one day?????

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
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