3.4 lbs

Until I am officially into the healthy BMI category. That is so wild to me, and although intellectually, I fully understand it, on an emoitonal level, I'm still finding it so hard to believe.

It's shark week this week (best . euphemism ever, no? use it!) and for me that means weight loss week. It happened last month, and it will happen this - I'll lose somewhat rapidly and then bounce for three weeks, then repeat. Last month was a bit more extreme - I had just gotten a fill and then flown and was arguably too tight. So far so good - appetite was pretty low all day yesterday, but then managed to have a pretty big dinner, including some steak.

This is a pretty stressful week for me, last week of classes and I am, as always, scrambling to get overdue assignments completed and submitted to professors by week's end. The good news is, in one week and one day I will be done my first semester at Champlain, and on vacation until Mid-July when classes and internships start up again!



Kristen said...

470 verbal meets 780 verbal, there for I just had to use dictionary.com to understand all the big words you just used.

LOL- Love you! xxoo

Nicole said...

Isn't it crazy..I saw womens fitness said an average 5'3 american women weighs 165 lbs and I was like what I am almost AVERAGE? THE NORM? What! I am 5'3! I sent you an email via gmail :)

Sherry said...

Angie, what are you studying? Sorry if you've said that before but I'm curious. And like you've heard a million times, those BMI charts are bunk.

I was 169 at my wedding, wearing a size 10 and healthier than a horse and was still considered 'overweight'. I call SHENANIGANS!

Alexis said...

You are doing so great :) My weight does the same thing. It always seem to come in a big chunk one week and then nothing for 3-4 weeks. Repeat.

Can't wait to meet your face in Chicago!

THE DASH! said...

Far out Angie. Such a little way to go. Congrats! What weight are you sitting on now band twin? I'm on 170 pounds as of this morning.

Brooke said...

Hey girl- wow. Those charts are such BS but they have held power over us "chubby girls" for so long. I think, for most of us, they were the first official indication that we were "fat" or in the danger zone. So to think you're "out of the danger zone" according to those charts is a HUGE milestone.

You're my inspiring. Glad you're blogging!

Susan said...

Hi Angie,

I've been following your blog for some time now and just started my own. I hope to be banded in the next month or so. I gave you a shout out on my most recent post because your use of a song lyric inspried my blog title. Thanks for your candor. It really is inspiring! Congratulations on all of your success! You look fantastic and I'm sure feel even better.
Take care,


Angie said...

Sherry - I'm studying hotel and restaurant management.

Cara: 167.4 is my lowest number!

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
with my bestest friend!

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