Non Weight-Loss Related VICTORY!

Hi Guys,

On my way to my math exam last night I finally got the great news I was waiting for - I got in to Champlain College for next semester! I am so so excited.

It feels SO good to be so happy about something not related to weight-loss. Obviously it isn't everything, and this is a really good reminder of that for me. I am so excited, so proud of myself for getting myself back on track... So stoked!


P.S. How gorgeous is my campus?!


Catherine55 said...

That is fantastic!!! And you are right, that campus is beautiful!! Congratulations! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Wow, I would never make it to class there. Wonderful news!

carla said...

Congratulations, what an awesome achievment!!!

Amy W. said...

WHERE is it located? Congrats...the campus looks beautiful and kinda funky at the same time...Same as you!

Angie said...

It's located in Burlington, Vt. That's about 45 minutes from where I live now... Hopefully I don't have too many early classes as I am planning on commuting at least for this semester.

Colls said...

I am so glad that all of your hard work and focus has paid off, congrats! It's funny to think that something else could make us as happy or even not so happy as our bands and weight loss journey. You are right it isn't everything. Thanks for the reminder. The campus looks amazing, it's so pretty.

Yana said...

Congrats, Angie! It looks gorgeous, and I'm sure you will have lots of memories.

Alexis said...

Congrats! That is so exciting! The campus reminds me of my college campus and actually kind of makes me miss it a lot! Live it up sista! :)

Roo said...

That's awesome news are going to love it...that campus looks great...

Robyn said...


The Dash! said...

I was looking at the pics before I read your post thinking - WOW.. who lives there, that's incredibly beautiful?... then twigged it was a Uni and still thought.. WOW who goes there?... and now you do!!!!! Yayy.. such brilliance from you Angie.. love that you're so happy for getting in. You deserve it, what an achievement. Good luck for next semester!!

Nicole said...

Congrats Angie! Very exciting news!
Way to go!!!

Gen said...

Excellent! So happy for you. You are right, how great is it to be excited about something in addition to weight loss? Gorgeous campus too.

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

congradulations! What is it you're going to school for? The campus is beautiful! it will be an exciting change of pace!

Tiffani said...

Congrats, darlin'! :)

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This is me now... at 160!
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