Traveling Pants... and Jeans, and Dresses and Tops!

Who wants to go shopping in my closet?

I have a couple items of clothing to give away!

This Dress is a size XL from Mossimo by Target. The top is stretchy cotton, the bottom is linen, the waistband is stretchy.  It's definitely a bit more lightweight/summery, but would look cute with tights and a cardi.

This top is Rachel Pally, SO pretty, and never worn, it was always a bit funny on me. It's thigh length on me, so cute with leggings or pants, it's got a tie around the neck thing.  It just doesn't fit that well into my wardrobe, but probably would be a nice work thing.

These are size 14 from American Eagle, never worn. I bought them on sale and then never wore them and then I tried them a few weeks ago and they're too big.  They've got cute ribbon detailing on the cargo pockets and a gather at the bottom.

These jeans have been awesome for me, I've worn them SO much over the past few months.  They're also American Eagle size 14, stretchy, the style is called slim boot, so they're slimmer through the leg with a slight boot cut. I'm kind of sad to part with them, but they fall off, so alas I must.

These jeans are size 14 from Old Navy, dark denim in a style called The Sweetheart.  They're a light boot-cut, almost straightlegged, they're definitely tuck-able into boots. They're stretch and pretty comfy.

So any of these are free to a good home - just claim em either by commenting or emailing me, if you have any questions just let me know!



Amy W. said...

UH HULLOOOO! I kinda want the dress but I have seen it in target and wonder if it would be to short with my thicky thick thighs. But, if noone else wants to call it home....oh what the hell. Send it to me. I will wear it with a black cardigan and rock that bitch! You know...if you would stop losing weight and just let me catch up with you then you could give ALL of your clotes to me. WHY dont you stop losing weight for like...oh I dont know....3 months? K?

Just kidding. I love you and am so happy that you are flying through sizes. So does this mean you are a size 12?

Bandita Senorita said...

I am interested in the jeans and cargo pants and anything you can't find a home for--if no one else has emailed you.

Angie said...

Ames dress is yours, you can wear it with leggings and not worry about it being too short.

Bandita can you send me an e-mail at and give me your address? also, which jeans, AE or Old Navy?

Angie said...

Oh and Amy - I've moved into the fancy numbered jeans and somehow bypassed 32, which would be 12... I'm wearing a 31. SHUT UP. I know. :)

Mom2Two said...

Congrats on falling out of your pants!

The Former Fat Girl said...

YAY ! great job on the falling pants Angie!!
Are any of the jeans available ?? I hope to be in a 14 by Jan ! Will hang it up on the mirror as a monitvator !! Here's my email for the address: I will email you this evening from home.

Tiffani said...

I hate you. We weigh very close to the same weight but apparently you carry yours in your head or something because I have this large GUT that is getting in the way of my pants size changing!!!!

(PS - I don't mean you have a big head, lol.. just trying to be funny although that might not have come out right!)

momma2fi said...

OMG!!! I just got to a size 18 - and I am full of excitement! I can't imagine being able to wear a 14 again and have the fall-off - oh, the travesty!!! Heart felt congrats for you, my band sister!!

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This is me now... at 160!
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