I'm so predictable...

Happy scales = happy Angie.

Unhappy scales = unhappy Angie.

We've determined this. I've commented on it from both sides of the ring.

I am up ridiculously early this morning as I'm working at 6:30, and was at work till 8:30. I probably haven't digested my dinner. But when I got on the scale this morning, it said 197.8.

That is practically 200 again. That is insane. It actually said 190.4 but it was against the cabinet and does that sometimes. BAHHHH. I am so frustrated. These 10lbs seemed like they were being conquered, and then to be up? This much? And I really don't know what I'm doing wrong this time.

I am going to Montreal to be with family for the night, but I think I might follow Brooke's lead and do the five-day pouch test, just to get myself back on track. Because this track is not acceptable to me.



Dinnerland said...

Hey, resist the urge to 'punish' yourself with a virtual fast for a little blip on the scale.
Try using your band to help you do moderation.
Remember your band rules and you will soon be feeling better (things like chewing alot, no drinking during or after meals for 30 minutes at least, protein first.)
You are looking terrific (looked at your vlog.
You WILL get there, and the journey to healthy eating habits is partially the destination...Vanessa

momma2fi said...

Wise words Vanessa! Ange - get this little blip out of your head. Remember it is normal to fluctuate - esp. concerning salt intake, etc. Don't give up!

Brooke said...

Stupid scale!

You'll be back on track in no time. If you do the 5dpt I'll be right along with you.

Have fun in Montreal. I bet the scale will behave by Monday. In the meantime enjoy your weekend :-)

Linda said...

I think that the the punishment of all of us who weigh everyday. Mine will fluctuate by 5-6 pounds in a week - I want to smash it. I'm sure you know you haven't gained 10 pounds in a week - it's just our lovely bodies pissing us off.
I'm might do the five day pouch test too - so let me know how it goes.
Have a good weekend.

Amy W. said...

Hey poods...I am five days behind checking blogs, so I am starting with the most recent first...YOURS. Now, I have to agree with dinnerland here. Don't punish yourself...just yet :) NOw, if you weight holds at 197 for a couple of days, you may need reevaluate, but this could be a random flucuation and it could be back down tomorrow to a friendlier number. All in due time remember?

The Dash! said...

Ahhh Angie,
It seems we are having so much fun and games getting ourselves down in those 190's pound wise.. I feel for you. It's been the same for me (I had a massive vent on my blog just the other day!)
Just believe it will change and start going down again - could be so many things going on, hormones, ttom, fluids etc.. try to give it a little more time and see where it stands then. I'm thinking of you!

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