I did my best, and that's the best I can do...

Hey Everyone,

Finally on the end side of an insanely long (and fun) weekend of wedding fun. I was a bridesmaid (again) for my cousin Ari and his wife Lindsay's wedding. It was beautiful - though freezing, and I loved getting to spend time with all my family - even helping Linds go to the bathroom in her completely enormous pouffy dress.

I tried to do my best at every step, and though I'm sure my weight will be up tomorrow morning when I can get a fair reading on it, hopefully it won't be by much. I just weighed myself now, but I've already got two meals and a hangover on me, as I slept at the hotel last night, so I can't judge/choose not to believe that I really weight 203.8 again.

I managed to not drink much, and I can't say that was easy. My family is full of big party-ers, it's just how we roll. I didn't drink at all on Saturday which was the rehearsal dinner and out of towner's cocktail party, just a half a glass of champagne with the wedding party. Last night I had four drinks from like 4pm to midnight, not so bad. I also ate way less, though I did have a DELICIOUS slider at the end of the evening, which I would honestly say was worth a 1.4lb gain.

Hope everyone's doing great - it seems everyone is, congrats on your goals met and victories achieved, on and off the scale.



Amy W. said...

I have never been a bridesmaid :( My one shot was when my bff got married...and she didnt have any damn bridesmaids! BOOOO!

That is really good for you drinking wise. It is hard when everone else is doing it and that's the norm ya know?

Are there any pictures for you to share? hmmmm

The Dash! said...

Yeah, pictures, Angie.. pulleeeeeze. Being bridesmaid is fun yet damn hard work: so go you for holding back on the drinking lol, well for the most part anyway. It's SO easy to let loose!

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
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