Home, Another Fill, and Cheesy Poofs.

Hi guys,

I'm home in Toronto again, for another weekend. Had a good day today - went to the clinic and got another fill... I'm trying to remember, I think this is my sixth. I should have asked. It was with a nurse who when I saw in the past I found the fill really hurt, but this time was super easy, probably because my port is really easy to find, I can feel it right now in just one moment!

She just added .1ccs -I'm really lucky that I don't pay for fills, so I can do these little tweaks - I really feel like I need the tiniest amount now to get me back to where I was. I ate mushys all day, then tonight for dinner had a crab cake with lots of sauce all mushed up and some mashed potatoes - yum. I love crab cakes. Definitely feel like I have some restriction, my parents and their guests ate a crab cake as an app, and then a piece of salmon, salad, potatoes etc. I was full off of like a quarter of their meal.

But then Steph came over and I made her bring Cheetos. And I ate a lot of them. Washed down with Diet Coke. I am baaaad. Bad girl Angie.

Hopefully the scale is nice to me in the morning - but since I wasn't so nice to myself tonight, I have a feeling it might not be!

Eek, well tomorrow's a new day, I'll try my best to do my best.



Dinnerland said...

I'm glad you have a comfortable level of restriction... just remember, sometimes the scale takes a few days to catch up with you when you've indulged. But if you exercise and eat healthily for the next few days, your cheesy puffs will mean NOTHING in the long run.
best-- Vanessa

The Dash! said...

Oooh Vanessa totally said what I would have. I think she's very right too, every time I've misbehaved it's taken a few days to show: and occasionally, I even manage to head it off at the pass lol.

Bandita Senorita said...

So where are you at as far as fills go in total? I was trying to figure that by looking through your blog but couldn't. I saw you were at 5 cc's on your first fill and have had a couple of .1 fills. But I think there were some others that I missed. How much does your band hold?

Angie said...

Totally a valid question - but I have no clue. I have sort of given up on keeping track because I think that, and this is totally just for me, the comparisons to other people would be hard to deal with.

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This is me now... at 160!
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