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Hey Everyone!

Just got back from a super amazing personal training with my new trainer Julie. She is amazing. I've been going to her Phusion dance classes 3x a week lately - they're like Zumba but more intense and better dance, as Julie is a dancer. She is amazing, and I really really liked the way she trained me. It was hard - hard enough that it hurt to walk upstairs and my forearm muscles are getting tired from just typing, but I also felt like she really respected my limits. It was a lot of fun. She also talked to me about how important it is for me to eat right after I work out, because muscles start breaking down withing 45 minutes after a workout.

I got home and made myself some chicken salad with 1/3c chopped roasted chicken, 1tbsp mayo, a couple of pieces of apple cut up into chunks and just a pinch of shredded cheddar. I ate that with about 5 wheat thins and no guilt - it's so nice to feel like I am fueling my body. I hate that I still feel guilty sometimes when I eat, but I don't right now, and that's great.

Today is my day off, as I start school tomorrow! I'm really excited, and also so excited to have a day to myself. Might just lie by the pool and try and get some summer while I can - I saw some of the gorgeous fall foliage we're famous for here in VT on my way home from the gym!



The Dash! said...

Gosh, you have a lot going on... and yet every single thing is a positive.
Enjoy that lounge by the pool - you sound like you deserve it after all the working out you do.
Cara x

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

what did you say? was it fall I hear? Ohhhh, we don't get that here. I live in the hottness that is the Arizona desert. We have no "orange leaves" period of the year in Phoenix. It's one thing I miss the most. Enjoy your beautiful fall! And kudos on the workout and eating right!!!

From Fat to Fit said...

A class like that sounds like so much fun! I've been thinking of taking Zumba, just haven't gotten around to it yet. Maybe it would be funner/easier if I took a buddy? :)

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This is me now... at 160!
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