ahead of the game

I've started making Fridays the day I measure my weight loss, because it's... I don't know. Tuesday wasn't doing it for me anymore.

Plus, it was last Friday that I finally had my six month bandiversary and got under 210. I figured out that to lose my next 10 lbs in time for my bday, to get me to one-derland, I needed to do like 1.7 a week. Well this week it was 2.2! Wooo!

I can't believe one-derland is in the not so distant future... I'm gonna FLIP when I hit it!


From Fat to Fit said...

How exciting! You are SO close; what a great feeling!!!

Alexis said...

Friday's are my official weigh in day. I like it better than like Sunday or Monday cause the weekends are the days I tend to get off track a little bit!

You are so close to ONEderland, its exciting!

Amy W. said...

SHut your hole! All your gloating while I am gaining weight. I dont know why...could it be the popcorn I just had with m & M's sprinkled on top....nah...couldnt be that.

I am proud of my little angie-poo

The Dash! said...

Fark! 10 pounds is all you need for wonderdland? You will whip that in girl.. no problems.
I actually changed my official weigh in date TO a Tuesday from the Friday lol. I seemed to have the opposite problem to you. I was showing less of a loss on a Tuesday. One of life's mysteries that we are all so different.
Hey, have a good weekend!

RC said...

Hey that's fantastic! Congrats to you and I hope you reach your goal. You're pretty determined so I'm sure you'll do it!

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

I would flip too, my darling! I will so stoked for you when you reach it!!!

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This is me now... at 160!
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