Woo, back in action!

Sorry I've been a poopy blogger. I find that as my post-band life goes on, I struggle with what to post here vs. what to just send as an individual message to a friend, just cause my life tends to take it's scandalous turns.

For those who keep up with these things, you'll know I got below 220 on the 18th of July, and then about a week later went back up to 223 and it just stalled. Finally my weight started dropping a bit, and this morning when I weighed myself the scale said 219. Not perfect, but back on track, and I plan on taking advantage of the bit of momentum and hoping I can keep going.

Lately I have been thinking of what my problems that have been stalling me are:

1) I get discouraged when I don't lose, so then I stop trying, which of course means definitely not losing

2) I've been drinking. I really need to stop. I'm by no means concerned about it at an alcoholic level, but the fact is it's an extra couple hundred calories three or four days a week, and that is just not concurrent to weight loss. But it's really hard when you're dating and all that, I'm not at the point that I am with my girlfriends when I'm like stop pressuring me it's about the calories.

3) My weight loss is wonky. It just is. I lose super slow, then I'll drop a bunch of weight in a week, then I'll gain a lb or two, then I'll lose it, then hopefully drop a bunch again. I don't know why. I'm pretty sure it's hormonal. I accept it, because all in all it's a downward direction.

In the rest of my life, everything has been really good. I continue to feel good about myself, I like getting dressed to go out, I like how I look. I don't get the super hot girl amount of attention, but boys introduce themselves to me, there's one who is jokingly obsessed, I've been out with people, things are clearly headed in the right direction.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend - for me this is just another work day, so if you can, blog for me and provide me with some entertainment!



The Dash! said...

Wow you sound like me lol I was reading about your jerky weight loss and I'm exactly the same! You are doing well! Remember that.. you are!! I see your mini-goals up the top and you're half way there..whooooo Go you!!

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
with my bestest friend!

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