Good Fitness News... But no weight loss.

So I think I ought to adjust my ticker, because except for hitting 213.8 on Friday, every other weigh-in... Including Tuesday, my official day, the scale has said 214.8. Which is OK. Not great. But OK. This past month I lost 5 lbs, or 1.25lbs/week. Ok, but not enough to get me to one-derland by my birthday, or goal by my bandiversary.

I am trying to figure out where I'm going wrong, because although I have a fill scheduled for next week I don't think a lack of restriction is my problem. I ate a burrito from a restaurant last night for dinner, breakfast and lunch. Clearly my portions are under control - it's my snacking that isn't. My house is a snack-filled house, and unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about that. I live in my whole family's country house, and can't really ask 18 other people to not keep ice cream and chips and all that. I need to just bring my willpower back.

On a more positive front, I did an amazing exercise class this morning called Phusion. The story is the instructor used to teach Zumba, but as a trained dancer wanted the creative freedom to make up her own routines. It is HARDCORE. I've done Zumba. I almost died during Zumba. This is harder. But it's also SO much fun. She doesn't really pause to teach the dances, just does them, and most of the participants go all the time and get to know them too. I picked them up alright - I have danced a lot in the past, and I feel confident that I'll get better as I go. I also decided that Julie, the instructor, is the person I want to do some personal training with. She is so built, a total machine and definitely seems tough, but also seems like someone I can really open to. I also like that it's not at work, even though that means paying full price. I don't like coming in to work when I don't have to... I should, classes are free and trainings cheap, but I don't wanna be here so I don't come. So I'm gonna do it! I e-mailed her today to set it all up... I won't be able to start till I am done working and in school full time, but I think if I start doing Phusion three days a week, training once a week, and get on the elliptical another day or two.. I should bust through this slowness.

The other thing that might help me soon is medication. I have diagnosed ADD, and I do find that I struggle a lot with impulsivity- Angie see juice, Angie, who never before banding drank liquid calories, wants some. There's actually a correlation between ADD and obesity in women, I'll have my mom the psychologist dig up some articles to share with you. Anyways, since I'm going back to school, I've decided to go back on meds. Somehow when I'm working I don't struggle much, but with school, I really know I need all the help I can get. A nice side-effect of most ADD meds - I'll be on either Ritalin or Concerta I'm sure, or maybe Adderal, is decreased appetite and weight loss. My psychologist says this sounds great, haha, so I just need to see my Doctor when I'm in Toronto to set it up.

With all these tools in place, hopefully I can get back to losing more like 2lbs a week than one!

Hope everyone's doing great!



The Dash! said...

You're doing so brilliantly... and yeah, those scales (mine too!) seem to have a mind of their own. I'm about to take a hammer to them lol

Amy said...

dont get discouraged. I was thinking about you today when I was working out and thinking about how positive and wise I am when I am losing, but how hard it is to be positive when I am not. Its easier said then done BUT we both know that it will come off.

As always buttercup, I heartchu!

Angie said...

thanks girls.
it said 214.2 this morning... progress I suppose!

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
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