I am not gonna beat myself up about this...


So, as really could be expected after so many solid weeks of weight loss in a row, I've kinda stalled, and have gained a bit. My weight at 5 this morning before work was 220.6, which is up about 2lbs since Monday. I'm sure this is mostly fluctuation, and as I said, I'm not gonna let this get to me. I had a SUPER weird eating day Tuesday, my shopping day. None of the people I was with new about my band, and I was a hot mess. I had to get up like 4 times during lunch I kept PB-ing so I ended up not getting like anything in. So then after I dropped my cousin off, I went to McDonalds. REALLY. I don't know what it was. This was after I got the jeans to fit. It wasn't the most dysfunctional choice - I had gotten REALLY hungry by this point but my friends thought I wasn't feeling well so I didn't feel like I could eat in front of them. So at 4 o'clock I got a double cheeseburger and a small fries. And ate slow enough to eat it all. That night, I didn't eat much dinner, but then ate a chocolate croissant. I don't know. So of course, my weight's gone up. I'm sure a lot of it is salt, and I'm happy my "weekend" is over now and I'm back at work cause it's a lot easier to be in control here.

Well just thought I'd blurt it all out. Am I absolved of all my sins now? Could my weight magically be under 220 again? K, thanks.



Leslee said...

Not that I'm a shining example of not beating yourself up or anything but you had a little woops and I think you're going to be just fine. Once you get all that salt out of you I'm sure it will make a difference. Well and a croissant... if I were going to screw up on something that would definately be at the top of my list. Anything that contains as much butter as a croissant is just completely delicious. I'm afraid I'm not helping anymore.
What I really should be saying is you'll do fine! You've got restriction so you'll get back under 220 before you even know it!

Jane said...

I agree with Leslee. A hiccup along the journey (and really, a cheese burger with fries is a hiccup), is not something to beat yourself up about.

I'm like you in that, at work, it's easier for me to stick to my three meals. I've tried to be strict but it simply doesn't work. I now just accept that my week day eating is going to be better than my weekend. And that that's not a problem. It's ok. So long as I keep on losing, I don't need to be an angel 24/7.

Sorry, I'm preaching here. Just wanted to say you are doing a fab job. :-)

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This is me now... at 160!
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