Amy said...

This is the most beautiful you have looked in a video blog yet! I think you are very much like me in the sense you feel like you have to be "happy angie" a lot. I used to get mad (inside) that I always had to have a smile on my face and a joke to tell. Even if something wasnt wrong, if I was being quite or something...people would always ask "whats wrong amy"? It's like DANCE MONKEY DANCE!

Thanks for the video blog and all the pics!

Angie said...

thank YOU Amy. Ya get me. It's hard always having to be ON, isn't it. Thanks for your sweet comments! xx

Angi said...

Angie! Hi! My name is Angi! I have read your blog from the beginning, and you are a joy to read. I just recently watched your video blog for the first time (I check blogs while I'm at work, and video isn't especially work friendly) and I just had to say that you are very video-genic (like photogenic, but for video, lol). You'd make a good tv host! :)

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
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