Do you ever have a day...

Where you just know you did everything right? I think a lot of you do, actually, but I'm really just starting to get there. Yesterday was a day where I did right by my band. I ate three small, healthy meals, and one super healthy snack. I did more than an hour of exercise. And I felt SO good about myself. I have had so much trouble getting past the mid 230s- my weight was hovering between 238 and 235 and just wouldn't go lower. It finally went to 234 when my friends left to go home for Aus and I said buh-bye junk food. But still, it wasn't Tuesday, Tuesday's weigh day and I just really wanted something good.

I stepped on the scale this morning, and was chanting to myself, please 233, please 233... Well guess what... 232.4! Wehoo! I now know that I CAN get to my more reasonably re-assessed goal of under 230 for the wedding. The goal of 220 totally freaked me out, it was TOO BIG and so beyond what I could imagine that I think subconsciously shut down and kinda sabotaged myself. The fact is, without being 100% on every single day, I am losing weight at my reasonable rate. I'd like more of my days to be like the one I had yesterday - I'm planning on re-creating it today. But I also need to be OK with the fact that not every day will be, so to make good use of the good circumstances and choices while I have them.



loosing in 2009 said...

Angie. What a great attitude!! We can all learn from your example. Your right, not everyday will be a great day, but the days you can make it happen, you should do it. I too find that my original goals are a little far fetched. I set mine on Surgery day, thinking 1-2 pounds a week loss and not taking into consideration, bandster hell and how long it would take to get the band in the sweet spot (which I'm not entirely sure is there yet, given my current situation), so I too am thinking I should adjust my goal to be less aggressive. I need to be patient, the weight will come off, it just might take a little longer than planned. Life happens and it does not always consider the band. Right?

Mary said...

That is so awesome!!!! Great job!

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
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