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Hey guys,

I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off these past few days, I went to a friend's cottage for the long weekend, and ate a ton of junk, came back Monday and went straight to the Jay's Game... ate some more junk.. Came home after going to see the fireworks and weighed myself... 241. WHAT!? 241! Up 4 lbs! Yes it was night time, (and I weigh myself in the morning) but I just about had a heart attack. I couldn't sleep that night, I had so much anxiety like... I felt so bad. But I knew it was mostly salt, I knew that although I hadn't done a great job of choosing foods and not snacking, I had eaten SO much better than I would have pre-banding. So yesterday I drank over 3 litres of water to re-hydrate and de-bloat, exercised twice and started my food journal blog - and Hallelujah, the weight she is off. Down to 235.4... Was hoping to hit to 234 this week, but I've got my fill tomorrow and two workout classes to do this morning... Maybe I'll avoid salt and see if I can knock it off. Either way, the lesson for me was there is gonna be some up and down, it's like a fever - it goes down, but then the next day, it might go up again a bit before it totally breaks. Hope everyone is doing well... Be nice to yourselves, I would be!



This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
with my bestest friend!

Mini-Goals and Statistics

A Quick Reference - 111lbs down
Height: 5'8
Highest Weight; January 2009: 270
Surgery Weigh; March 4th: 255
Tummy Tuck December 15, 2010!
Current Weight: 150s
Current BMI: healthy!

Mini Goal 1: 240 - re-reached April 29th - 15lbs/9 weeks.
Mini Goal 2: 230 - reached June 12th. - 10lbs/6 weeks.
Mini Goal 3: 220 - reached July 18th. - 10lbs/5 weeks.
Mini Goal 4: 210 - reached September 2nd. 10lbs/7 weeks.
Mini Goal 5: 199 - reached October 19, 10lbs/11 weeks
Mini Goal 6: 189 - reached December 18, 10lbs/9 weeks
Mini Goal 7: 179 - reached February 23, 10lbs/9.5weeks
Mini Goal 8: 169 - reached March 26, 10lbs/4.5weeks
100 lbs down!!

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