Vacation is going well... Did some shopping today and bought two really nice dresses from Nordstrom. They're plus size - one is 1x and the other is a 20 cause of my stupid boobs, but they look nice and I'm excited about them.  Eating isn't quite out of control, but it's not far from it.  I really don't feel much restriction, and am struggling a LOT with my parents.  My mom ALWAYS has something to say about my food choices, and even when she manages to not say them out loud, she gives me a certain look, or moves the bread basket away or something... Grr.

Anyways, I have been working out again, which is good! My arms are so sore I can't even lift my nephew!!

More when I'm back home.



Amy said...

lol, my mom does the same thing. She purses her lips, tilts her head to one side, and sometimes makes a tsking sound. BUT THEN, she will bring a cheesecake over to my house and say "oh...I didnt know you liked cheesecake". REALLY MOM? They are special.

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
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