Recap on the first fill...

I almost just recorded another video instead of typing this out right now because I'm lazy, but then I thought to myself that typing may burn a few more calories.  The first fill went just fine.  I actually got to the Mississauga area wayyyyyy too early, so I decided to drive south and sure enough I hit the lake.  Now for Bridget or Amy who live at least somewhat near beautiful beaches (I'm sorry if I'm having a geographic brain fart and someone else should be on that list) this may not seem so exciting, but today was a beautiful 15 degrees (59 for the Americans) and sunny and lovely.  Toronto is on Lake Ontario, but I never ever go down there, cause it's really polluted and gross downtown.  But over in Mississauga, it actually was quite beautiful! Here are some pics I took with my iPhone. Swinging on the swings! The pretty view from a gazebo.

Anyways, after that I went to the clinic and got my fill.  They weighed me in at 243 - down 4lbs in 2 weeks... And makes sense, since I was dressed, am hovering around 241 at home (when I'm not pulling an Olsen and weighing 80lbs) Considering I have had pretty much NO restriction and more than 1 order of fries... And alcoholic beverage (hey! my liver got cleared!)... Anyways, considering all that I'm pretty stoked about how I've done.  Two pounds a week is totally sustainable, and this has been with not a lot of working out, and with my tool not yet "turned on."  My next fill is April 20th - normally it'd be only two weeks from now but I'll be in Miami. Hopefully this bit of restriction is effective enough to keep me from gaining weight whilst on vacation... Hopefully I can even lose another 4 or so and be officially in the 230s next time I'm weighed in at the clinic.  I think in these 20 days, activity will be the key.  

Oh, the fill itself was fine... A touch of pain, but totally deal-with-able.  She said I had 4ccs in their from when it was put in, and she put 1 more into bring it to 5.  I had soup for dinner tonight cause she reccomended I stick to mushys today... And I'm kinda starving, but I think I'll just drink some water and go to bed, and make a yummy omelette or something for breakkie.

Night all, xoxo!


Amy said...

Wow you had a lot of saline in there from surgery! I was empty. I totally understand driving to a lake and enjoying 59 degree weather. I moved here from KS in while people here in Florida think 59 is freezing...I am like ITS SPRING PEOPLE! Seriously...
And speaking of Miami. Have fun! Its a tad different than here in Pensacola, bc we are in the Panhandle of Florida and we are really considered Florida. More like Alabama. very southern here...think banjos.
Thanks for updating!

Leslee said...

It's kind of relieving to hear that the fill is "deal-with-able." I'm more nervous for that then the surgery. Not a huge fan of needles and all.. tend to pass out. I get my first fill on the 21st and like Amy I have nothing in mine from surgery. I suppose that could be why you've had way more restriction than me, cause mine is empty and all. Have a great time in Miami! I'm totally jealous. I think we got upto 7 degrees today (about 40 for the Fahrenheit scalers out there). The weather in TO even sounds tropical right now :)

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
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