Pretty impressed with some guys right now...

So I have issues with guys. I will be the first to admit it. I tend to go for really good looking assholes. It never turns out how I want it to. I really hope this doesn't like... Offend anyone, but for some reason I have this HUGE complex forming about how a guys will feel about my weight in the future... As in would it be a deterrent for a guy I were to date.... I know it shouldn't, I know if anything they should be proud of me for having lost the weight... But I just can't seem to let this go... When I've spoken to a few friends about it they kinda look at me like I'm rediculous... And so I decided to give it to the men of the world. I posted something on the women seeking men section of Toronto's craigslist. I posted pretty much that I knew that some people would be assholes with their responses -which a few have. I posted that I've lost a good amount of weight, and still have an even bigger amount to go... "Would it matter to you? Matter that I was at one point, 100 lbs overweight? Would you want to know after you had dated me a while? You'd probably figure it out, from old pics on facebook... I don't know. For some reason this has become a big like emotional block with this, and I'd love some... Non total asshole responses." And I got some. Some great ones. Ones saying that it'd matter and they would be impressed and proud. Others saying as long as it was in the past, they wouldn't mind. Ones saying that they'd rather date me cause I'd look like a hot girl but would have the heart of a fat girl... Haha he said it nicer than I did. I don't know why I have this emotional block going on, but I'm glad I let some guys talk some sense into me... it seems to be helping a bit.

edit: my favourite response so far:
"Having been "overweight" is not like having been a dude or the town bicycle or something horrific my bets most guys would find it a turn on that you had the internal motivation to do this for yourself and see it through."

another good one:
"Anyways i hope you meet your weight loss goals, become smoking hot and have so many guys wanting you that you don't know what to do with them."

haha... this has been a fun activity for a boring night home alone. this and watching elizabethtown. that orlando bloom sure is pretty.


Amy said...

You're so crazy! I havent even thought about this. I guess super vain guys might worry if you since you were once a "fattie" that you could become one again. But who wants those assholes anyways? Feel me? Anywho...thanks for blogging! I always check my blog updates for the blogs I follow (I just figured out how to do this like 2 weeks ago)!

This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
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