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The reason my doc doesn't do a fill... Hmm I don't know.  It's always the three fill-nurses at the clinic, and they're mostly great.  They also are the ones to call when we're not feeling good, have questions etc.  They're a lot more accessible than the surgeons, though, during my pre-op liver drama the surgeon was really involved and great.  

I had them put another full c.c. in since I was feeling pretty much no restriction... With all the port-finding drama we didn't go over numbers, but that would put me at 6.5cc's I'm pretty sure.

Oooh I forgot my other piece of news - I am now ONLY weighing myself at the Y I've decided.  It's a big ass medical scale that is inspected weekly, so I can trust it.  It also said I weighed 240.8 in my swimsuit. So it's my friend. 

So what I was gonna write about is some thoughts I had on fashion with a quote I found from Stacy London, from What Not to Wear in a piece posted on my favourite blog,

London says;
"Style is the instrument you can pick back up when you want to regain some of the confidence you've lost. Style offers concrete rules you can follow. You can use it as a resource rather than a barrier to feeling good about yourself. You have to look in the mirror and see that what you're wearing looks good on the body you have now," she says. "Wearing a larger size is just…wearing a larger size."

It just really got me thinking.  I think I might need to start using the last part as a mantra... Wearing a larger size is just wearing a larger size. It's true.  It seems so simple.  But we let it define us, just like our weights, sometimes.  I'd rather be wearing a wicked outfit that fits me beautifully than one that feels like crap, digs in, and hurts, but is a smaller size.  In general I really love that on WNTW, they never criticize people's body's.  It's not about wearing certain fashions that only come in a size 4, but it's about making yourself look good and feel good at whatever size you may be.  This all kinda feels weird, all this accept myself and feel good about myself now, but I truly believe it's the only way I'll manage to change for the future. 

So in the spirit of looking good in the size we are now, here's me rocking my new beautiful size 20 Calvin Klein dress I picked up in Florida.  Because Amy loves pictures :)

Excuse the lighting, it's hard running away from your photo booth with 3 seconds to spare.  Excuse also the I'm a little tea-pot pose, and if the dress looks like it fits funny it might have something to do with the fact that there's no one home to zip up the back of the dress for me!!



Amy said...

Yey Yey was like the trifecta of presents...a post, a pic, and talking about Stacy! Its not even my birthday. First, you look rockin in your dress. Small waist and nice chi-chi's! Good for you. I cant wait until I am size 20! LOL...wait, we arent supposed to be talking about sizes.

i am at 6.5cc's too. My next fill in May 7. Have you noticed a difference yet?

Second, I love WNTW. I make my boyfriend watch it and when they are shopping on their own on day one and pick up a bad outfit, I make him tell me the fashion rules that make it bad. When I first met him he wore jean shorts from the 90's and cutoff tshirts. I love him no matter what he wears, but the point is that he wasnt dressing to his full potential. Now I just watch him sometimes so proud of his new fashion and style. It really can change the way a person feels about themselves.

When someone refuses to go up a size...I dont know who they think they are fooling. If your pants are too tight and give you a muffin top, do yourself a favor and just buy a bigger size. It will look so much better. Wooo...just dont get me started. I will save the rest for when I do my blog on fashion. I have been holding off bc I dont want to offend anyone with my opinions...bc they are afterall just my opinions. (although in my opinion they are facts)hahaha.

So thanks for my Tuesday gifts. :)

Amy said...

did that last post make me sound bad? I just think sometimes people are afraid to try new things can be scary. And I dont think clothes make the person, but they can certainly make the person feel better about themselves. Okay...I am done now!

Angie said...

Haha you're so welcome! I don't think it made you sound bad at all... I totally agree. I can be a bit of a judgmental one when it comes to fashion, so I look forward to that post!

ps Forever 21 has a plus-size line coming out May 1st! Woo! skanky crappy clothes for the fat masses!

Angie said...

Oh and PS Amy, you rock a bikini like nobody's business. I was almost tempted to post a pic of me in one but then I realized I didn't have one and my stomach is whiter than whiter than whiter than white! haha.

lali said...

I just read your whole blog from start to finish!

lali said...
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Amy said...

I dont think we have a forever 21 here in Pensacola. But now I am going to have to google it bc boy I love skanky crappy clothes! As for the I have said before, when I was a size 18 I didnt really have any fat rolls or stretch marks above me belly button and I wore a bikini when we went to St. Martin and was even topless on the beaches. Then I gained all of this weight and the stretch marks went above my belly button. Now they are kind of faded. They are still my biggest let down...that I ever let it happen. But it is what it is. I can see myself wearing one again in the future...even before I have my boobie lift and tummy tuck. I have about 25 more pounds to lose until my back fat rolls go away. Thats a big deciding factor for me.
In honor of your "I eat any kind of food for whatever meal", I had 34 bagel crisp crackers with a sundried/feta spread for breakfast. This would usually be my afternoon snack...but if you can do can i!

Amy said...

I just responded to your post that you left on my blog go check it out. I have given you an O name.

Also, have you ever seen the website I have been reading it for years and its a blog by these 2 girls who live in NY and they talk about baaad celebrity fashion. They are very funny. I thought as a fellow fashionista, you too might enjoy it.

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This is me now... at 160!
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