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SOLID FOOD! Had my two-week post of appointment today. The nurse was really nice, and said I'm doing really well with my weight-loss - and that I should not really expect to keep it up... Which kinda goes in one ear out the other, haha. I know I need to keep my expectations realistic, and I am, but I am kind of thinking - I'm eating a lot less and a lot healthier now than I was before, even now that I'm feeling less restricted and eating more solid foods. We'll see how it goes. I also got the go ahead to work out as much as feels safe, with no heavy weights or abs.

Anyways, I'm no chef or great photographer, but I thought it might be fun to share some of the food I cook, taking pictures with my iphone. This is herbed salmon with spicy peanut sauce. I bought it already herbed and seasoned at the store, so it was really easy, just a bit of olive oil in a pan, sear for 2 mins on each side, pour some sauce from the bottle into the pan and cover for about a minute. It got all steamy and moist and the sauce sorta burned/carmelized in a really yummy way. I thought I might wanna share about half-way through the meal.



This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
with my bestest friend!

Mini-Goals and Statistics

A Quick Reference - 111lbs down
Height: 5'8
Highest Weight; January 2009: 270
Surgery Weigh; March 4th: 255
Tummy Tuck December 15, 2010!
Current Weight: 150s
Current BMI: healthy!

Mini Goal 1: 240 - re-reached April 29th - 15lbs/9 weeks.
Mini Goal 2: 230 - reached June 12th. - 10lbs/6 weeks.
Mini Goal 3: 220 - reached July 18th. - 10lbs/5 weeks.
Mini Goal 4: 210 - reached September 2nd. 10lbs/7 weeks.
Mini Goal 5: 199 - reached October 19, 10lbs/11 weeks
Mini Goal 6: 189 - reached December 18, 10lbs/9 weeks
Mini Goal 7: 179 - reached February 23, 10lbs/9.5weeks
Mini Goal 8: 169 - reached March 26, 10lbs/4.5weeks
100 lbs down!!

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