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Hey guys,

Wanted to provide a real update now that I'm a bit more clear of head and all that. It has been four days since I got banded and I really feel great. I just... managed to go to the bathroom for the first time, post-op, which I'm sure is TMI but was a big relief for me haha. I'm really feeling good. Gas is still coming out a lot, but my shoulder pain has gone down a significant amount. It's now just kinda sore and annoying as opposed to constant and persistent.

Friday was definitely my hardest day. It started out pretty well - I took a shower and did my hair and makeup so I could go get my passport photos taken and we went in to the passport office. I got a an extra-milky milkshake which I could only really handle a few sips of but tasted really good. I got home and tried to nap but just couldn't fall asleep, and felt super duper restless all day. My neck and shoulders were really sore and I was also really emotional. My sweet sweet mom actually got into my bed with me and lay with me until I fell asleep that night, which was so nice. She also came and woke me at 1am to take my meds so the pain wouldn't wake me up like it had the previous nights. I woke up yesterday feeling a million times better, the full-night's sleep had really helped me, and I felt like a human being for the first time since Wed.

Scales are headed in the right direction... I'm trying not to get too obsessed, but I'm back below 250 (I was during pre-op, but then my weight popped back up 1 day pre-op) at 248.0. This is totally fine by me... My first goal is to be below 240 when we leave for Miami on April 10th, which I feel is totally do-able.

My appetite right now is pretty much nil, but I do notice I have been feeling better as I eat a bit more. I had a yogurt this morning which went down no problem, and am going to go out for lunch with my dad in a bit to this super-Jewish dairy restaurant we love where they have really good split pea soup. I'm excited to have some of that. I'm planning on going to the store and buying some ingredients to make some sort of re fried bean/sour cream/cheese/broth blend which would probably sound gross to anyone not on liquids but sooo appeals to me right now. I've been really lucky in being able to tolerate everything that passes my lips so far, no gagging, no regurgitating or anything which is good. I'm taking regular Tylenol too now which helps, I think the sickly saccharine kids stuff was making me kind of nauseous.

Alright, Dad's ready to go.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!



This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
with my bestest friend!

Mini-Goals and Statistics

A Quick Reference - 111lbs down
Height: 5'8
Highest Weight; January 2009: 270
Surgery Weigh; March 4th: 255
Tummy Tuck December 15, 2010!
Current Weight: 150s
Current BMI: healthy!

Mini Goal 1: 240 - re-reached April 29th - 15lbs/9 weeks.
Mini Goal 2: 230 - reached June 12th. - 10lbs/6 weeks.
Mini Goal 3: 220 - reached July 18th. - 10lbs/5 weeks.
Mini Goal 4: 210 - reached September 2nd. 10lbs/7 weeks.
Mini Goal 5: 199 - reached October 19, 10lbs/11 weeks
Mini Goal 6: 189 - reached December 18, 10lbs/9 weeks
Mini Goal 7: 179 - reached February 23, 10lbs/9.5weeks
Mini Goal 8: 169 - reached March 26, 10lbs/4.5weeks
100 lbs down!!

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