10lbs down!?!

So I went to the doctor's office today... Had all my tests done, couldn't pee for urinalysis, was just a barrel of laughs... What WAS amazing though is my weight is down to 260.8... 9.2 lbs down from my consultation WITHOUT TRYING. At least not consciously. This gives me a boost cause a) my weight had only recently creeped above 260 and b) it shows that I can lose... Cause sometimes I wonder!

Yay, that's a small victory! Off to my last supper in a bit, feeling boosted and ready to start Medi tomorrow!


This is me now... at 160!

This is me now... at 160!
with my bestest friend!
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Mini-Goals and Statistics

A Quick Reference - 111lbs down
Height: 5'8
Highest Weight; January 2009: 270
Surgery Weigh; March 4th: 255
Tummy Tuck December 15, 2010!
Current Weight: 150s
Current BMI: healthy!

Mini Goal 1: 240 - re-reached April 29th - 15lbs/9 weeks.
Mini Goal 2: 230 - reached June 12th. - 10lbs/6 weeks.
Mini Goal 3: 220 - reached July 18th. - 10lbs/5 weeks.
Mini Goal 4: 210 - reached September 2nd. 10lbs/7 weeks.
Mini Goal 5: 199 - reached October 19, 10lbs/11 weeks
Mini Goal 6: 189 - reached December 18, 10lbs/9 weeks
Mini Goal 7: 179 - reached February 23, 10lbs/9.5weeks
Mini Goal 8: 169 - reached March 26, 10lbs/4.5weeks
100 lbs down!!

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