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I should preface this whole post by saying I am by no means a model bandster in the traditional follow all the rules sense.  It's 10:27 am as I write this and I just finished my breakfast. A Coke. In a glass bottle, cause I'm classy like that.

Having said that, I do feel pretty strongly that I've figured out weight management for my body which is of course nobody's body but mine.

How I eat throughout the day:

Breakfast is rarely solid food, it's just too hard for me to eat soon after waking up. I'll take a coffee from home or pick up a latte, or a hot chocolate or some form of liquid calories for breakfast. While I was trying to lose these would be purposefully healthy or protein loaded choices, for maintenance I just need some calories to get my body turned on.

My job is really busy, and I forget to eat lunch way more often than I should. This is by no means good, and I'm not going to pretend it's OK. I know better, really, and this is something I will be talking about in therapy.  How crazy is that - that my biggest eating related struggle right now is my body forgets to tell me it's hungry, and I just work away and then am hangry by the end. 

When I do take the time to eat lunch, I either eat out somewhere around work (soup or chili from Tim Horton's, sometimes junky fast food, sometimes fancy Chinese burritos that I can't afford but are the best thing ever.)  Even better though is when I bring lunch in. Lately my routine is to pick up a good sized container of tuna or chicken or salmon salad from a deli near home, a bag of pita chips, and some veggie sticks and just eat that every day for a few in a row. It doesn't bother me, and it's tasty and healthy enough that I can let myself have a Coke.

I really like regular Coke now. I should devote a whole post to that.

Dinner is the time where I eat a lot.  Like I said, by no means model, but happily maintaining.  I'd say my portions are a happy medium between lap-band portions and healthy normal person portions. So that means when I go out to a restaurant, I still never ever finish a whole meal.  But I order a whole meal, I'm OK with spending the money and enjoying fewer bites. When it comes to actual portion sizes, I'm often able to finish just under what a "recommended serving" is, for example we had fancy frozen chicken nuggets last week, the box said that one portion was six pieces, I had five and Adam had 12. Ha.

I used to be the exercise queen, and that has slacked to nearly nothing. I've been working in a "grown-up job" (my first) since September and I feel like I'm finally no longer super exhausted by it - so my goal this summer is to get right back on track.  I'll be using this space to stay accountable.



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This is me now... at 160!
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