Oh hi... Remember me?

Hi Everyone,

So it has been a long time since I have blogged, and an even longer time since I've blogged about weight loss. I'm not sure why. One reason certainly is that I've been busy - finals, work with Invisible Children, my new internship at the Four Seasons.

I think another is I have struggled. I'm back on the fills, but I weigh more than I want to, more than I did for a while, and it's heartening. It reminds you how badly we all need our tools, our support team. I realized that as soon as I stopped making weight loss my number one priority, my life got better - but my weight went up. All in all I think this is a positive. The pressure I felt as "weight-loss girl" was huge, and made me kind of sad. Sure I was proud of having lost 100lbs, but I wanted to be known for things that were true expressions of who I really was, what my passions were, not what my body was. This blog is named after a John Mayer lyric, and this makes me think of another - "I am bigger than my body gives me credit for."

So I'm working on that. Working on losing weight, because I don't like being above goal. I don't like struggling to find a blazer that'll do up, or having clothes in my closet that I can't wear. But working on it slowly. Working on it healthfully... With lots of real life in between.

I miss you guys though - something made me click over to blogger this morning, and it looks like I have tons of catching up to do.




Amy W. said...

i actually came to your blog yesterday and made sure I havent missed something and was going to go to facebook and yell at you for not posting for over a month. You must have sensed me. I am proud of you for actually not focusing on your weight for awhile and just being. And I am proud of you for coming back and posting. Now start doing it more!

Jess said...

Missed ya around here! Welcome back! Hope you stick around for a while. I totally get why you disappeared for a bit. I have been doing the same thing and it's because I have nothing to show for so much time wasted not trying to reach my goal. I have been ashamed for letting it go. But I am trying to get back on board myself.

So woo hoo for us!!!

Ms. M said...

Glad to see you decided to pop over to Blogger this morning. I've missed your posts. :)

Stephanie M. said...

I tried to comment earlier but the darn thing wouldn't post. I wrote about you on my blog today and said basically what I was going to say here if you want to take a look.

Linda said...

I was just wondering where you've been. I know it's hard to balance just living with the weight thing too. I think we'll all have ups and downs, but if we just try to keep it in check. BTW - you are so much more than weight loss girl.

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This is me now... at 160!
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