Celebrating Vs. Settling

Hi Ladies,

So I've been thinking a lot to how I react to my weight loss. I think, probably because of how close I am to a normal weight, that how slow it is really gives me a chance to consider each and every pound. When you get this "small" you kind of have to accept a slow down - I cut myself down to 1400 cals a day 80lbs ago - obviously it's not going to cut it now, nor does even 1200. I just have to accept the slow down, and look forward to my post-Mexico fill.

So I find myself looking at the scale every morning, these days floating between 178 and 181, and trying to decide what those numbers mean to me. Obviously from a comparative place, they're awesome - about 90lbs down. What's different now is they're getting to be ok numbers even objectively. At 5'8, I'm a pretty standard overweight now with a BMI of 27, smack dab in the middle between normal and obese. I really struggle to celebrate this though, to realize how good it is. And maybe that's a good thing - maybe it is not yet the time to be celebrating, because it could also mean settling.

I am pushing towards a goal I have no clue about. I know my healthy BMI range is anywhere between 122 to 164.5, and I want to get solidly in the middle of there I think. I would like to see myself under 150 one day, although I'm no longer at a point where time limits seem to make sense, other than by my second bandiversary - 35lbs in a year sounds reasonable right?

How do you guys fight the inner-debate between celebrating and settling, if you do have one?



Gilly said...

hey Angie, my SWLC sister! I had the super hot Dr. Mumford! lol.

Glad to see how well things have worked out for you one year in!

Alexis said...

I'm in the same boat. Obviously at 215 I still want to lose a bit more, but in high school I weight about 190 and I felt pretty good then so I had told myself my first major goal would be like around 180 which isn't TOO far off (but still quite a few months down the road). However, 180 at only 5'5" is still obese, even though I feel like I would feel amazing at that weight. It's just so hard to determine what's worth celebrating and if we are infact settling or if we should really just push ourselves and get to where we didn't think was possible. I have these inner debates with myself all the time too. And they are just so hard to answer sometimes, huh?

I know you've heard it a million times, but you have done amazing (and totally look AMAZING), but ultimately it is really how we feel about ourselves and what we are comfortable with. You and I have that same mindset though, where fluctuating between the same pounds week over week (or heck even day after day) is so frustrating because we are always wanting more for ourselves.

Anyways, like I said, you look beautiful, but I think now is probably the time where the inner mind struggle is really what is going to need working on since you've pretty much got the band eating/working out routine down pat :)

Nicole said...

Angie you are doing so well It's a journey that shouldn't have a time limit. It is harder the smaller we get. You are doing an amazing job and just because it's been a year doesn't mean your weight loss time is up. Your not settling you are continuing in!


Amy W. said...

well right now I am just so freakin focused on getting out of the two hundreds that it doesnt even occur to me to stop and celebrate seeing a smaller number...it's like anything from 206-200 I am not even happy about! WHich is freakin nutso!

THE DASH! said...

I'm a bit like you. I have a number in mind - whether its the right one only time will tell. Just keep on doing what you're doing and you will know when the time is right.. (hopefully..!! xxxx)

Anonymous said...

You're so amazing! Keep it up!

Jess said...

Although I'm just at the beginning of my journey, I've been having similar thoughts. Wouldn't celebrating make it feel like such an "end"...when it's not really.

Good question. I'll be checking back to wee what others say.

Girl Bandit said...

I am nearly 3 months into my journey but I have a minimum weight I want to achieve which I call my worst result weight. I know I can stay around that weight but I want to be about 20 pounds less than that and only time will tell if I can keep or stay there. I think you are so hard on yourself. You have done so well and look fabulous.

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

For me I DO teeter-totter between CELEBRATIONS and SETTLING. It is a constant struggle for me to NOT settle. B/c I have gotten to such a happy, cozy place with my weight and my body. So I have to remind myself that I have more work to do and I could be EVEN happier. It's just a daily thing I have to consciously think about.

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This is me now... at 160!
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